Utilizes various sensory, play, behavior and practical strategies in adapting to everyday challenges and geared towards helping families in using everyday routines as meaningful opportunities to be calm, organized and ready to cope with various demands, may it be at home, school or within the community


Assesses and develops the appropriate intervention to help every individual succeed over difficulties in comprehending and using language to communicate and interact with family, teachers, peers


Aims to work on individual’s weaknesses and maximize their strengths to promote independent functioning using a multi-disciplinary approach


Involves Home and/or School Assessment (if deemed essential), coming up with an Individual’s Profile and collaboration with the whole team (parents, caregivers, teachers, etc.) for the alignment of programs and parents’ goals.


Equips individuals alongside their families with the necessary strategies and skills to cope with a variety of obstacles of daily activities, and environments that they would encounter (e.g. going to the barber / dentist, going to the supermarket / mall, using the public restroom, etc.)

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We are committed to helping  your children reach their full potential as well as in helping the family as a whole, in this journey. We are a group of parents and professionals who have experienced the struggles and joys of this journey ourselves, and are very eager to help out in any way we can.

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