The Importance Of Special Education

Special children should be given a great deal of help. Special education is offered to children to help them live normally and deal with their society. When you are helping an autistic child, there are instances that you may feel a little frustrated or disappointed.

Special education conducted to these children should have continuous, multi faceted and special approach of intensive guidance and care. These autistic children with 60 to 70 IQ rating have better chances of learning compared to children aged 5 to 6 who have spontaneous speech.

Here are some special education guidelines and tips that can help you take good care and provide special attention to autistic children.

1. You have to make your child feel that he is a part of the family. However, it is better if he feels that he is not the center of attention in the family just because he is special or disabled. Like normal children, special children need proper attention to help them when dealing with their environment.

2. You may use behavior modification skills to change those common undesirable behaviors that your child portrays. You may use practically known rewards that he usually likes. In this way, you will be teaching him how he can increase his motivation.

3. It is advisable that you compliment him with good praises. You may provide him ten complimentary statements for every effort of change and corrections.

4. You should always look attentively to his warning signs. Make an effort to observe and study his movements. You may teach him how he can recognize and follow some basic instructions and directions.

5. You should allow your child to observe you as you show him that he is special and should be treated differently. Usually, most autistic children are confused with the changes that are happening in his environment.

6. You should find the best educational institution that can provide him the needed skills and best childcare program. Know your child’s special needs so that you can assess the educational program that you choose. There are early intervention programs that offer special education to autistic and disabled children who are not yet ready to get into schools.

7. You should always be consistent in providing him the needed knowledge and assistance. You may create a special routine that he can easily notice. Special education programs can provide you guidelines and tips things regarding child behavior and mental development.

8. Make sure that you have an organized and well-executed movements and routines. If you are trying other things and you are unsure of the things you are teaching him, he may be confused and will tend to lose focus.

9. Special education programs suggest that you use the same set of words or statements every time your child is praised or corrected. Many autistic children do not easily learn well from experiences. They just follow an organized routine that they see and hear from the people attending to them.

Finding a support group in your community is one good way in motivating your child and the whole family. You may join a parent groups that have the same case of having autistic children. Most importantly, love is the most important factor that will help your child learn and cope with his environment.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this extremely useful article. I really feel so glad that I have come across your article. You have made me so aware of this topic that where we really want to take care of about our children. One of my friends is really worried about his son, now I will share this with him so that he which be very helpful for him.


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